Things you Should Know About Whiskey Barrels

Most people love to take a shot of whiskey or scotch after a long day so that they can feel relaxed. If you are drinking for the first time, then it might be challenging for you in choosing a bottle of whiskey. This is because there are a lot of them to choose from. Different whiskeys have their unique taste that is easy to tell apart. Before a bottle of whiskey hits the market, it usually has undergone a through an aging process. The raw liquor is put in barrels usually made of wood and are usually charred so that the aging process can begin.

The more the whiskey or brandy is aged, the better taste it gets. As it is aging, different flavors are added so that it has a good taste. The barrels where the whiskey is put is usually made of oak. It has several layers of other varying types of wood of which each of them will contribute to the flavor of the final product. The more the age of a whiskey bottle the more expensive it will be because the taste is premium. There are some things you should think of when choosing a bottle of whiskey. Consider the type of whiskey that it is. We have single malt, blended malt and single grain. For the single malt it is usually 100% distilled. A single malt whiskey normally ages for not less than 3 years. The distillation for this is doe once. For the blended distillation is done twice. whiskey aging barrel.

There are some things that you should pay attention to when choosing whiskey barrels. The first has to do with durability. This is something that you will use more than once and thus it should give you service for a long time. For example it should be resistant to corrosion because if not it will interfere with the taste of the whiskey. There are varying sizes and shapes of barrels to choose from. You should go for one that serves your purpose. The type of material that the barrel has been made of will affect your decision. For example we have America and French Oak. The French Oak usually has some tannins and are charred and the effect of the is creating whiskeys that are spicy. The American Oak usually creates vanilla tasting whiskey. The charring of the barrel will affect the flavor and color of the whiskey. Learn more on

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